How will history remember the year 2020?

We are living through a seismic moment in which we face multiple generation-defining crises. If the United States is to meet this moment with dignity and compassion, we need bold legislative action and it needs to start at the local level in communities like Walnut Creek.

Since 2008, I’ve been proud to call Walnut Creek home. My father taught US History and AP Government at De La Salle High School, allowing me to attend on a scholarship. He passed away before my freshman year, but I inherited his passion for politics.

Today I’m a teacher, a musician, and a dedicated progressive. I’m running because I believe that the current City Council does not have the will, courage, or imagination to meet this moment.

Their most recent budget defunds libraries, the arts, special education, public works, and more. At the same time, the Police Department received an increase of $1.3 million from last year.

Walnut Creek needs new leadership.

Our campaign pledges to defund the police by 50%, freeing over $13 million to reinvest in a 24/7 mental health crisis response, homeless services, small business support, climate justice, urbanization, the arts, and other initiatives that uplift marginalized and vulnerable members of our community. This will make Walnut Creek safer, more vibrant, and more just.

We will bring justice for Miles Hall.

Our campaign does not accept that the injustices we witness daily are inevitable. We believe a better world is possible.